when is it going to be the other way round

does this count?

Oh, I think that one counts. 

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"don’t complain, I have it worse than you"


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OK first you’re being a total dick right now,


OK first you’re being a total dick right now,

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Thin shaming doesn’t exist!1!1!!!11!!

a fat person who has never been thin (via critically-acclaimed-queef)

Seriously? Have you ever been fat? I don’t mean 10 pounds more than the average, I mean size 20-30, not being able to sit on the plane comfortably, buy clothes or even shoes (because you need your shoes to be wider fit) in most of shops because they only sell clothes up to size 14 or 16, not being able to have a meal without bunch of people staring at you and commenting, men not wanting to be with you because they are embarrassed to hear what their mates will say, not being able to get a job because people think that you being fat means you’re lazy and won’t work properly. I love every body type and I’ll always say that no matter if you’re thin or fat your body is beautiful but thin people saying that there is no thin privilege really annoy me. Yeah, you might have been told ‘hey eat a burger’ if you’re very thin but don’t compare it with being isolated from people because no one wants a fatty to hang out with them. :s

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this is fucked up. this fucked me up. the teachers fucked up by not showing us this fuck up. fuck.

dear god

i’m 28 and never knew this

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